Thursday, September 24, 2009

welcome fall

here is my latest copy. so easy! it should look familiar to a previous inspiration post...

supply list:
- a wreath (i owned this, but if you get one half price at hobby lobby i think $5 would be enough).

- ribbon ($2 at hobby lobby)

- first letter of your last name (again, i bought this many years ago, half price, so $5)

- fall picks (again, half price. for 4 picks about $3.)

- floral wire

how to:
- using wire attach letter to center of wreath.

- put your picks into the wreath however you want.

- attach ribbon. seriously SO easy.

cost to me $5. about $15 if you have to buy the wreath. the good thing is that you can change out the picks and ribbon for different seasons.

go ahead, try it!


Elizabeth Messer said...

How darling! I want one. Maybe I'll just come steal yours...M works for us! Hee hee. Ok, fine, I'll just make my own, but might wait till I have a front door that doesn't enter into a hallway : )

Melissa Pennington said...

This is BEAUTIFUL! I'm making one this weekend for sure!

Leia Brown said...

This is really pretty Stacy! I love it!