Wednesday, September 16, 2009

DIY letter decor: a variation

i am sure this one has been done before, but i feel as if it is an original.

maybe not.

i wanted to spell out my daughter's name above her crib. like most moms i was concerned with it not being too heavy if it fell or something that she could easily grab.

i decided on canvases.

unfortunately when shopping around for canvases (i needed 6) they were out of my price range. i wanted to spend $10 - 15. total. the canvases would cost be $30. minimum.

so i came up with this solution while walking around hobby lobby (very pregnant i might add). i liked that it was different from the usual square canvas i'd seen used.

so, if you want to try, here's how:

supply list:
- cross stitching rings. (89 cents at hobby lobby i believe)
- canvas (maybe $4 a yard.)
- acrylic paint (67 cents and up)
- letters (i printed mine from the computer = free!)
- ribbon (i got mine at michaels for $1)

how to:
1.) you could paint the outside ring first or you can do it after you put the canvas in. your choice.

2.) cut the canvas with some room to spare to fit inside of the ring. stretch the canvas so it fits snugly inside the ring and tighten the screws.

3.) do any painting you want on the circle. i did dots with the end of a paint brush and stripes. i also painted the outside black.

4.) print out the letters you want to put on the canvases. cut out the letters. trace them onto the canvas. (**you could use transfer paper if you don't want to cut, but that is an extra cost.)

5.) paint in the letters

6.) measure out the ribbon so all will hang evenly

7.) tie on the ribbon and hang on the wall. voila!

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